How to open Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint 2007 Options Dialog Box through VNC

When providing support to our staff the common practice is to remotely login to the workstation using

TightVNC is an invaluable tool because it allows our support staff to quickly resolve issues at first point of contact without the need to leave their desks.

Since upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 this have been major support issues due to the drastic change in the Office interface with the introduction of the Ribbon menu.

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How to hide the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon to save screen real estate

This post outlines the steps on how to hide the new Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon to save screen real estate. It’s a handy feature most our mobile users employ. The steps below applies to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint 2007.

Double click on the highlighted tab will hide the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon:

Screen shot on how to hide Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon

Double Click to Hide Ribbon - Click to Enlarge

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Lotus Notes DocLink Creator – The Code

Earlier in the year I covered the process of manually creating Lotus Notes Database or Document Links (DocLinks) in order to send from Outlook. Please view Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: Lotus Notes Document Link Creator for Outlookto revisit the overview of manually creating a Lotus Notes DocLink.

In this post(finally) I’ll go through the basic operations and function of this tool.

Note:¬† Although I wrote DocLinkCreator in VBScript, I’m not a¬†fulltime programmer or developer. This script(docLinkCreator.vbs) is provided as is and confers no warranties or support. I’ve provided comments within the code to help dev gurus or code monkeys make adjustments or upgrade to the existing code. Also feel free to share your modifications. But having said that this tool was used by my company of employment for several years until all their Lotus Notes infrastructure was decommissioned.

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Alert Win32/Exploit.MSword.SMtag trojan – Nod32

The following message “Win32/Exploit.MSword.SMtag trojan” was being generated by Nod32 when attempting to compress MS Word documents that were part of a file package.

nod32 virus definition error 3217

The initial thought was that the their machines have been infected or compromised. However after digging around this Nod32 error was actually due to Virus Signature Database version: 3217. This is outlined from Nod32′s website under:

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