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New iPhone Pricing model announced in Australia – Telstra

With the much anticipated released of Apple’s new iPhone in Australia just around the corner (July 11th) major carriers in Australia are tight lipped with their pricing models. Telstra (the major telco in Australia) recently announced their pricings of the new iPhone.

New iPhone pricing break down - Telstra Australia

  • 8GB iPhone model – $279 upfront on $30/month for 24 months or Free on $80/month plan for 24months
  • 16GB iPhone model – $399 upfront on $30/month for 24 months or Free on $100/month plan for 24 months 

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IronKey Best Security Hardware at 2008 GCN Fose Conference

I wrotes about the IronKey (secure USB flash drive) in an earlier post Secure USB Flash Drive IronKey and recently it was named Best Security Hardware beating out 150 other hardware and services used the US gov and associated agensices. Read THE IRONKEY NAMED BEST SECURITY HARDWARE AT 2008 FOSE CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION

I’ve never used a public machine without my IronKey and even when surfing using my own machines I still try to make sure I’m browsing via IronKey’s secure version of Firefox. In addition to that I know my personal files are safe if by chance I happen to lost my IronKey thanks to it’s “always on” military grade encryption.

Get your hands on one…Now!

Secure USB Flash Drive IronKey


I’ve always been big on securing data especially data that I carry on my flash drive. In today’s society sensitive data should be guarded with priority. The last thing you’d want to happen is have your information stolen simply because the data on the thumb drive wasn’t encrypted. There are many alternative ways of securing data on an ordinary thumb drive. In the past the common method I’ve used to encrypt my data is through the use of Truecrypt. The basic premise of this process requires the Truecrypt executable, Truecrypt.sys file and the encrypted data on the flash drive and via Truecrypt you can browse the data.

Well there is a much simple process of securing your sensitive data. Introducing the IronKey with it’s built-in Cypto chip can encrypt data to and from the drive on the fly. IronKey will encrypt your data automatically once it’s placed in thumb drive. The Crypto chip touted as an “always on” encryption. It cannot be accidentally switched off. So you will never forget to secure your data.

To access your data stored on the IronKey you will need provide the IronKey Control Panel password to initiate the thumb drive every time it’s plugged into a PC. The password set up is performed during the initialization and activation process of the IronKey.

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