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Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: A look at Lotus Notes Links in Outlook 2007

I recently started testing Microsoft Office 2007 to identify the possibility of the new office suite from Microsoft being rolled out to the business.

Since my last posts were in regards to the Lotus Notes links in Outlook 2003 I thought I’d check whether Outlook 2007 has addressed the issue with the Lotus Notes client being launched when opening emails with Notes document/database links embedded in the message.

My test machine had Lotus Notes 6.5.5 client and Outlook 2007 configured with an Exchange profile. I sent several emails from a Notes mailbox to my test profile in Outlook 2007.

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Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: A look at Lotus Notes Links in Outlook 2003 – Part II

As I mentioned in the first part of this post the Lotus Notes client must be launched (and logged in) when attempting opening emails with Notes links from Outlook 2003.

Now that if you forgot to launch the Notes client?

Well the first thing you’ll notice is Lotus Notes will fire up (invoked by Outlook!) and Outlook will stop responding.

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Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: Access Lotus Notes Links in Outlook 2003 – Part I

In this post I’ll discuss how Lotus Notes document and database links are accessed using Outlook 2003.

Before I go any further I’ll first cover a top level overview of the Domino and MS Exchange environment.

The Exchange Notes Connector is configured to be used for directory updates and also as the avenue for message transfer between the Domino server and MS Exchange server. This is a fairly basic explanation but it’ll do for the purpose of this topic.

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Lotus Notes Type-ahead vs Outlook Auto name checking

Another showdown in features between Notes and Outlook.

This time around it’s the auto completion of email recipients when composing an email. During our testing and planning before the migration to Outlook, I thought this feature was a minor issue not worth documenting about. Not until we started to get feed-back from our test groups regarding this matter that we took noticed.

Lotus Notes Type-ahead

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