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Outlook Email Retention

Our Help Desk mailbox needed some serious cleaning up and archiving. Although it’s constantly monitored by the team we never had a formal retention period for it’s contents. It was decided by the team to formalize an archiving process and interval to perform this process. So to start it was decided keep the file size of the back up to a minimum we would export emails received on this mailbox before our current financial year. (That is emails before July 1, 2007 would be archived). The archived emails would be exported in the form of a PST file. A copy was written on tape for off site storage and another copy was placed on a network share for ease of retrieval just in case we need to produce an important email instantly.

Then the daily back up of our Microsoft Exchange stores will take care of the incrementals.

During this back up process I decided to have analyse the questions submitted by our users regarding Outlook since migrating from Lotus Notes.

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Outlook 2003 Out of Office Assistant Error: “The command is not available. See the program documentation about how to use this extension”

I recently came across the following error message when one our users attempted to enable their out of office message in Outlook 2003:

Windows XP Outlook  Out of Office Assistant Error.jpg

Out of Office Fix

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Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: How to Transfer Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook

Continuing the Lotus Notes to Micrsoft Exchange Migration theme from my last two post, I have to mention a utility that made my job of transferring contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook a lot easier.

Generally Lotus Notes contacts are stored in a file called names.nsf. It’s a bit painful to export these contacts  in CSV format and use the Outlook import utility to get them in the Outlook Contacts lists because there’s field mappings involved which I’m not particularly fond of. Personally I found this process very clumsy.

There is a better way to transfer Lotus Notes contacts to Outlook with the help of Personal NAB Import/Export Utility from IBM.

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Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: How to send Lotus Notes Database links from Outlook – Part I

Having migrated from a Domino mail to Exchange mail is a massive change not just for us admin guys but also for our users. Lotus Notes was used not just for our email/calendar/contacts but also for our business workflows such as leave management, room booking system, discussion boards and many other admin related processes. We have countless databases that houses information that are still used day-to-day by our users.

One problem that arised with the move to Outlook is the users’ inability to email Lotus Notes database or documents links from Outlook.

In Lotus Notes, when making a reference to a document or a database it was easy to just email the link it.

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