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How to force Outlook to auto resolve a name from the GAL

From my post Lotus Notes Type-ahead vs Outlook Auto name checking I covered how Outlook auto resolved names from the GAL and Outlook Address Book (OAB).

I mentioned in the post that Outlook automatically resolved the name entered in the To: field by querying the GAL. However compared to Lotus Notes Type-ahead this auto resolve process didn’t happen instantly. There’s a delay of several seconds with Outlook querying the GAL and returning a matching recepient email address obtained from the Global Address List (for internal recepients or contacts in the GAL).

If you want to force Outlook to auto resolve a name instantly from the GAL simply type in the name on the To: field of the message you’re composing and press Ctrl + K.

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Frequently asked Outlook Questions

Outlook Email Retention

Our Help Desk mailbox needed some serious cleaning up and archiving. Although it’s constantly monitored by the team we never had a formal retention period for it’s contents. It was decided by the team to formalize an archiving process and interval to perform this process. So to start it was decided keep the file size of the back up to a minimum we would export emails received on this mailbox before our current financial year. (That is emails before July 1, 2007 would be archived). The archived emails would be exported in the form of a PST file. A copy was written on tape for off site storage and another copy was placed on a network share for ease of retrieval just in case we need to produce an important email instantly.

Then the daily back up of our Microsoft Exchange stores will take care of the incrementals.

During this back up process I decided to have analyse the questions submitted by our users regarding Outlook since migrating from Lotus Notes.

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How to Reset Color Category in Outlook 2007

Another quirky issue identified this week. For some reason several of our users on Outlook 2007 had their categories mucked up. (We’re still investigating as to why these users obtained a custom category list).

The default Outlook 2007 category listing looks like this:

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Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: A look at Lotus Notes Links in Outlook 2007

I recently started testing Microsoft Office 2007 to identify the possibility of the new office suite from Microsoft being rolled out to the business.

Since my last posts were in regards to the Lotus Notes links in Outlook 2003 I thought I’d check whether Outlook 2007 has addressed the issue with the Lotus Notes client being launched when opening emails with Notes document/database links embedded in the message.

My test machine had Lotus Notes 6.5.5 client and Outlook 2007 configured with an Exchange profile. I sent several emails from a Notes mailbox to my test profile in Outlook 2007.

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