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Ultimate List of Free Microsoft Windows Software – by Blake H

We all know if you’re using a Microsoft software there’s certainly a chance that you either paid for a licence (or the business you work for did) or it’s pirated. As I found out very recently that last point is not entirely true. There are infact countless “free” utilities and applications from Microsoft. I discovered this listing from Blake H Live Space.

I was amazed at the size of the listing. The category listing includes:

Windows XP Applications

  • Alt-Tab Replacement
  • Calculator Plus
  • FolderShare
  • Tweak UI
  • USB Flash Drive Manager
  • Virtual Desktop Manager
  • Virtual Machine
  • Windows Live Writer

Windows XP Utilities

  • Mount ISO Files Virtually
  • ActiveSync
  • Clear Cache Feature for Internet Explorer
  • SyncToy
  • System Configuration Utility
  • Terminals
  • Virtual PC
  • Wntipcfg

For a complete listing head to Blake H Live Space.

Micrsoft Windows XP has been around for some time and although I’ve used some of these utilities I was still amazed to see them all compiled under one listing. Thank you Blake H for compiling such a valuable resource of free Windows XP addons.

Download them now to compliment Windows XP.

More Download Free Microsoft Windows Software

After spending some time on Blake H Live Space I also discovered these listings:

The section I have most interest to is the Xbox Prima Game Strategy guides. I just downloaded the Forza 2 guide. Will be spending the night racing I think.

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