GPRS Access points for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone Austrlia for Smartphones

With my last post I mentioned you will need to set up the GPRS access points on smartphones to receive emails on the go from Microsoft Exchange 2003 via Outlook Mobile Access.

The list below outlines the GPRS settings required from the 3 major telcos in Australia:

  • Vodafone –
  • Telstra - telstra.wap.mnc001.mcc505.gprs
  • Optus – Enter the access point as “internet” and enter the following DNS: and

The above settings must be entered under the GPRS section of the smartphone. On the smartphones click on Start->Settings->Connection then GPRS. Then you must set the “Connect to” field as The Internet.

Closing note: Please ensure you’re on the correct data plan before setting up your smartphone for emails. Not doing so could cost you alot of money.

Having smartphones email enabled helps users improve productivity by allowing to send/recieve emails and check corporate calendars while on the go.

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