How to unlock i-mate Smartphones for emails

This article applies for the following Smartphones:

  • i-mate SP5
  • i-mate SP Jas
  • i-mate Smartflip

It is also assumed Outlook Mobile Access is enabled and configured on your Microsoft Exchange environment.

In the previous post “How to set up i-mate Smartphone to receive emails from Microsoft Exchange” I covered the main components in setting up smartphone’s to able to receive emails from MS Exchange Server via OMA.

With the i-mate SP5, SP Jas and Smartflip smartphones there are additional steps required to enable email push access on these devices.

The additional steps are:

Update the Smartphones Registry using regeditSTG2.exe

  • Run the regeditSTG2.exe from the smartphone’s File Manager and go to HKLM->Secuirty->Policies->Policies and then Press Values
  • Enter on 00001001 and change the value to 1
  • Enter on 00001005 and change the value to 40

Unlock the smartphones using SDA Application Unlock.exe

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