Lotus Notes DocLink Creator – The Code

Earlier in the year I covered the process of manually creating Lotus Notes Database or Document Links (DocLinks) in order to send from Outlook. Please view Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: Lotus Notes Document Link Creator for Outlookto revisit the overview of manually creating a Lotus Notes DocLink.

In this post(finally) I’ll go through the basic operations and function of this tool.

Note:¬† Although I wrote DocLinkCreator in VBScript, I’m not a¬†fulltime programmer or developer. This script(docLinkCreator.vbs) is provided as is and confers no warranties or support. I’ve provided comments within the code to help dev gurus or code monkeys make adjustments or upgrade to the existing code. Also feel free to share your modifications. But having said that this tool was used by my company of employment for several years until all their Lotus Notes infrastructure was decommissioned.

The code DocLinkCreator.vbs will:

  1. Read the contents of the clipboard (after copying a Lotus Notes Database or Document)
  2. Puts the Title and contents within the <ndl></ndl> tags in a default file called doclink.ndl on C:
  3. Rename the doclink.ndl using the title of the database or document.

(Full walk-through of the code to follow…Hopefully the comments I provided in the code is enough to make sense on what the script does.)

How to use:

1. Right click on a Lotus Notes Database or Document and select Copy as Link or Copy as Document Link respectively.

2. Double click on DocLinkCreator.vbs.

3. The newly created DocLink file (*.ndl) will be created and displayed in Windows Explorer.

4. Attach to an Outlook message.

5. The receiver must have the Lotus Notes client installed and have the proper permission for the NDL file to open either the Lotus Notes database or document it’s pointing to.

Tip: In order for multiple users to access docLinkCreator.vbs I placed this script on a common network share and created a shortcut (Start Menu and Desktop) that pointed to the network share where the DocLink creator script resides. Doing so gives the users easy access to this script whenever there is a requirement to send a Lotus Notes DocLink file.

Download the DocLink creator script here. Save the file locally and replace .txt with .vbs.

I hope you found this tool useful.

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  • 1
    Chad Cole
    November 4, 2008 - 11:44 am | Permalink

    Thanks – looks like it will save me lots of time… I’m also thinking of a variant that would create a “notes://” type link and put the link into the clipboard.

  • 2
    December 10, 2008 - 11:27 am | Permalink

    Did you ever tried to forward the mails from the old notes accounts to an SMTP address? That case the DocLink is converted automatically. It works in 80%. But at some of the users in the forwarded message the notes link appears instead of notes:///replica_id/… (this works) notes://replica_id (this does not work).
    If you can help to find out why, that would be appreciated!

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