New iPhone Pricing model announced in Australia – Telstra

With the much anticipated released of Apple’s new iPhone in Australia just around the corner (July 11th) major carriers in Australia are tight lipped with their pricing models. Telstra (the major telco in Australia) recently announced their pricings of the new iPhone.

New iPhone pricing break down - Telstra Australia

  • 8GB iPhone model – $279 upfront on $30/month for 24 months or Free on $80/month plan for 24months
  • 16GB iPhone model – $399 upfront on $30/month for 24 months or Free on $100/month plan for 24 months 

Pre-Register for your new iPhone now!
With Telstra:


Lets hope other players in the market announces their pricing of the new iPhone very soon. Regardless the new iPhone will be the hottest device for gadget freaks and corporate users alike.

You can also pre-register your interest on the new iPhone from the other carriers in Australia:
Vodafone –
Optus –

Doing so places you in the ‘list’ but this may not guarantee that you’ll be allocated a unit during the time of released. It’ll be mayhem come July 11th…

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