How to force Outlook to auto resolve a name from the GAL

From my post Lotus Notes Type-ahead vs Outlook Auto name checking I covered how Outlook auto resolved names from the GAL and Outlook Address Book (OAB).

I mentioned in the post that Outlook automatically resolved the name entered in the To: field by querying the GAL. However compared to Lotus Notes Type-ahead this auto resolve process didn’t happen instantly. There’s a delay of several seconds with Outlook querying the GAL and returning a matching recepient email address obtained from the Global Address List (for internal recepients or contacts in the GAL).

If you want to force Outlook to auto resolve a name instantly from the GAL simply type in the name on the To: field of the message you’re composing and press Ctrl + K.

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Lotus to Microsoft Exchange Migration: Restarting the Microsoft Exchange Notes Connector

Microsoft Exchange Connector

I mentioned in previous posts (Read: Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration) that our application workflows and primary CMS are still built under Lotus Notes Domino while user mailboxes have been migrated to Microsoft Exchange. When a mail enabled Lotus Notes database needs to send an email notification to users that email will need to travel through the Microsoft Exchange Notes Connector to get to the Microsoft Exchange store and into the users mailboxes.

Our Canon IR copiers are another business tools that utilize the Microsoft Exchange Notes Connector. The copiers are also used to scan documents into pdf and emailed to users mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange. At the moment the Canon IR copiers are still using a Lotus Notes Domino server as the SMTP mail transport server.

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Smartphones versus Blackberry

My experience with Smartphones and Blackberry

When deciding for a mobile device it comes down to either the Smartphones which run Windows Mobile Operating System or Blackberry by Research In Motion (RIM).

It depends how you look at it but I believe I’ve been fortunate enough (through my current place or employment) to experience both the Smartphones and Blackberry. The business recently decided to ditch the smartphones and move to Blackberry.

In this post I’ll be highlight the pros and cons of these devices based on my experience and feedback from our business users.

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Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: Lotus Notes Document Link Creator for Outlook

How to send Lotus Notes document links from Outlook – Part II The Automation Process

As I promised in the post Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Migration: How to send Notes document links from Outlook – Part I I would document automating the steps of creating Notes document links to send from Outlook.

Overview – Sending a database link from Lotus Notes

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