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If you’re hosting you’re own blog it’s important that you perform incremental backup of your blogs WordPress databases. Even if you’re not it’s also a good idea that regular backup is performed on your WordPress databases.

By default WordPress doesn’t have utilities to backup the databases for your blog or site.

Simply called WordPress Database Backup is plugin that makes backing up your WordPress databases a breeze.

The key steps are outlined on the site but I’ll quickly list them here:

  1. Download the plugin, extract and FTP to your WP site -> /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Login to the admin console of your WordPress site and enable the WordPress plugin
  3. Go to Manage->Backup to run the plugin.

The beauty about this WordPress plugin is that it can email the backup to a specified email address. This method instantly creates an offsite storage solution for your WordPress backup. And will not have to worry about losing work over changes made on the databases of your WordPress blog. The other neat feature is the scheduling option which you can set daily, weekly or monthly depending on the volume of changes made to your WordPress blog.

Once the back up plugin is set up and the scheduling is enabled you won’t have to worry about being caught out if would like to revert your blog back from a previous state.

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