Quickly find user availability using Outlook Free-Busy to set up an appointment

This posts outlines how to quickly identify (a business) user’s availability (free-time) in order to set up a meeting or appointment in Outlook using the Free-Busy information.

The Outlook Free-Busy Information is published information about a users’ availability based on the users’ schedule. This Free-Busy information is made available to Outlook by Microsoft Exchange.

Free-Busy information is very important to Outlook because it needs to know when you are free and when you’re not available so you and other users in the business can invite you to meetings and appointments.

The example below displays the free-busy information of a user in an Outlook Appointment form.

Outlook-free-busy scheduling

Now to quickly find the Free-Busy information for any business user without opening an Outlook Appointment or Meeting form simply type the name of the business user on the To: field of an email and right click on the name after resolving it from the GAL. You should get the following Free-Busy information if the user is available:

outlook-free-busy with a user that is free

For detailed explanation regarding Free-Busy Information please view these links:

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