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xB Browser – Anonymous Surfing

Continuing from IronKey’s secure surfing via a hardened version of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser, xb Browser is another service which provides anonymous and secure surfing through once again Firefox. Basically anonymous and secure surfing is achieved via proxy server. All you need to do is download and install the browser and you’re ready for secure browsing. No configuration required.

As per the image below whatismyipaddress.com believes I’m somewhere in that part of the world but in fact I’m on the other side of the world:


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How resize pictures with Windows XP’s Image Resizer

I was asked recently by one of our user what’s an easy way to resize images taken with a digital camera before emailing them. I had two immediate thoughts about this request. The first was now that’s a smart and considerate user. The fact that this user thought about resizing the images instead of just attaching the images and creating a 40MB size email was very smart. This process avoids users sending large sized emails that have the potential of impacting the mail servers. The second thought was which one do I recommend? Let’s face it there are multitude free and commercial applications that can perform this task.

The one that I recommended was the Windows XP – PowerToys: Image Resizer which I’ve used for years for several reasons:

  • Lightweight – very small application
  • Easy to use
  • Can perform single and batch processing
  • Can perform set sizes or custom sizes
  • Great Price: For Free

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