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Quickly find user availability using Outlook Free-Busy to set up an appointment

This posts outlines how to quickly identify (a business) user’s availability (free-time) in order to set up a meeting or appointment in Outlook using the Free-Busy information.

The Outlook Free-Busy Information is published information about a users’ availability based on the users’ schedule. This Free-Busy information is made available to Outlook by Microsoft Exchange.

Free-Busy information is very important to Outlook because it needs to know when you are free and when you’re not available so you and other users in the business can invite you to meetings and appointments.

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Use Outlook Activities to keep track of contact communications

Note: Outlook Activities only available for Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 but not for Outlook Express.

Ever wonder if you sent that all important email to a client but couldn’t remember exactly when you sent it. The natural action would be to fire up a search in Outlook, wait for the search to return the results and then analyse search results.

There is much quicker method to track your communications with your clients using Outlook Activities.

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How to set Outlook to auto resolve from the GAL before the Outlook Address Book

Set Outlook Address Book order when used in a Microsoft Exchange environment

Before posting How to force Outlook to auto resolve a name from the GAL I should’ve covered how to set the address book order Outlook looks at when auto resolving a name entered in the To: field.

Outlook can auto resolve a name in the To: field using the following address books:

  1. Global Address List (GAL) – when Outlook is used in a Microsoft Exchange environment
  2. Outlook Address Book

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How to force Outlook to auto resolve a name from the GAL

From my post Lotus Notes Type-ahead vs Outlook Auto name checking I covered how Outlook auto resolved names from the GAL and Outlook Address Book (OAB).

I mentioned in the post that Outlook automatically resolved the name entered in the To: field by querying the GAL. However compared to Lotus Notes Type-ahead this auto resolve process didn’t happen instantly. There’s a delay of several seconds with Outlook querying the GAL and returning a matching recepient email address obtained from the Global Address List (for internal recepients or contacts in the GAL).

If you want to force Outlook to auto resolve a name instantly from the GAL simply type in the name on the To: field of the message you’re composing and press Ctrl + K.

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