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“Active Sync encountered a problem on the server. Support code: 0×86000108″

This posts investigates the ActiveSync error: “Active Sync encountered a problem on the server. Support code: 0×86000108″. This post consists of what causes the ActiveSync support code: 0×86000108 error, the work around and the permanent fix.

The Cause of ActiveSync support code: 0×86000108:

From Microsoft KB this error is caused by the following: “Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 changes the alert message from the IPM.Note type to the IPM.Sharing type. Additionally, Exchange ActiveSync does not support the IPM.Sharing message type. Therefore, the Windows Mobile based-device cannot synchronize the alert message from Exchange 2003. “

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Smartphones versus Blackberry

My experience with Smartphones and Blackberry

When deciding for a mobile device it comes down to either the Smartphones which run Windows Mobile Operating System or Blackberry by Research In Motion (RIM).

It depends how you look at it but I believe I’ve been fortunate enough (through my current place or employment) to experience both the Smartphones and Blackberry. The business recently decided to ditch the smartphones and move to Blackberry.

In this post I’ll be highlight the pros and cons of these devices based on my experience and feedback from our business users.

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How to unlock i-mate Smartphones for emails

This article applies for the following Smartphones:

  • i-mate SP5
  • i-mate SP Jas
  • i-mate Smartflip

It is also assumed Outlook Mobile Access is enabled and configured on your Microsoft Exchange environment.

In the previous post “How to set up i-mate Smartphone to receive emails from Microsoft Exchange” I covered the main components in setting up smartphone’s to able to receive emails from MS Exchange Server via OMA.

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GPRS Access points for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone Austrlia for Smartphones

With my last post I mentioned you will need to set up the GPRS access points on smartphones to receive emails on the go from Microsoft Exchange 2003 via Outlook Mobile Access.

The list below outlines the GPRS settings required from the 3 major telcos in Australia:

  • Vodafone – vfinternet.au
  • Telstra - telstra.wap.mnc001.mcc505.gprs
  • Optus – Enter the access point as “internet” and enter the following DNS: and

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