Alert Win32/Exploit.MSword.SMtag trojan – Nod32

The following message “Win32/Exploit.MSword.SMtag trojan” was being generated by Nod32 when attempting to compress MS Word documents that were part of a file package.

nod32 virus definition error 3217

The initial thought was that the their machines have been infected or compromised. However after digging around this Nod32 error was actually due to Virus Signature Database version: 3217. This is outlined from Nod32′s website under:

I confirmed this from several of our users who had this error and in fact their Nod32 Virus definitions were still on version 3217. After updating their virus definition this error was eliminated and the users were again able to continue doing what they were doing to complete their day-to-day tasks at work.

The Nod32 setup is supposed to get the updates from the Nod32 server and if the client cannot get the update from the server it will fail over to obtain virus definition update from the Internet (Nod32 service). Will need to investigate as to why this didn’t happen to several of our users.

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